Windows Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3528.331

Create, edit and design beautiful movies using video clips and photographs right on your own computer

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Windows Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3528.331
Windows Movie Maker 2012 2.6

Windows Movie Maker 2012 is a simple video editing suite offered by Microsoft. Most versions of Windows include the software by default. However, a user can download Movie Maker separately within a few minutes. The program is designed for basic video editing projects and nothing more. Users tend to love the software because it's so simple and straightforward. For a beginner, or for small projects, no other program works better than Microsoft's solution. Best of all, it's a free program for Windows devices.

Simplicity and Speed Are The Keys To Success Here

Before getting started, potential users should know what to expect with this program. Windows Movie Maker isn't designed for professional video editing or even for advanced video editing. The program targets basic projects that require simple editing as well as fast rendering. In that vein, students and amateur editors will love what the program has to offer, although it should be considered a starter program at best.

When a user launches Movie Maker, they're presented with a blank project area. They can import video files or start creating a project from scratch. In Movie Maker, users can work through various tabs in order to access the functions they need. Transitions, effects, and other editing tools are found within these navigation tabs. Everything is laid out in an intuitive and easy to remember manner within the program.

Imported videos benefit from integrated video stabilization through Movie Maker. Likewise, hardware acceleration makes video rendering easier than ever before. High quality codecs are utilized to ensure the smoothest video and audio possible. All of these extra features make Movie Maker an incredible piece of software compared to other basic video editing suites available on the market today.

The Major, Obvious Downside To Movie Maker

Microsoft created Movie Maker with beginning editors in mind. The program isn't designed for the professional video editor. Therefore, advanced editing features are nonexistent in Movie Maker. Users won't find detailed editing tools, and they're not going to encounter professional-grade projects in Movie Maker. As a free program, nobody should expect the program to cater to the advanced editing crowd anyways.

Movie Maker Is Still A Valuable Tool

Despite its inherent shortcomings, Movie Maker is a smart download for anyone that edits video from time to time. Not all projects call for a big, complicated video editing suite after all. Movie Maker is the perfect solution for small, uncomplicated projects, whether a beginner or expert is handling the project. Without a doubt, a newcomer to video editing should start with Movie Maker for their first few projects before jumping into a more advanced program for more in-depth video editing.


  • The best solution for simple video editing.
  • Movie Maker is 100% free for download on Windows PCs.
  • Video stabilization and hardware acceleration features.


  • Movie Maker lacks advanced editing features.
  • In fact, Movie Maker is terrible for anything but simple editing needs.
  • User interface is somewhat boring and uninspired.

Windows Movie Maker is a software tool that is packaged with some versions of Microsoft Windows. It allows the user to create a DVD media disc with various video files on their computer. The end result is a nicely polished film that can be watched in almost any DVD player.

There are various versions of this Movie Maker software, the first of which was simply called Windows Movie Maker and was packaged with Windows Vista. Many people found it to be essential when creating DVDs to revisit old memories. There are a few options where the user can customize the layout of the disc. They can add a beach scene on the opening menu of the DVD if they would like. The layout could also feature an audio file to play in the background.

The next version to come out was called Windows Movie Maker 2012. This version has a little more features that can customize a DVD. It has more restrictions on the file size and file format though than the first version. This is to protect the user from copyright infringement.

The last version to come out is Windows Live Movie Maker. This version is integrated into several Windows 7 and 8 platforms. However, the user might have to pay extra to download this software when they are using Windows 8. It comes along with the Windows Live package available at an extra cost to some Windows 8 holders.


  • Free
  • Easy way to create fast DVDs
  • Stylish menus make viewing videos better


  • Certain file formats are not supported
  • It can crash if the PC is not fast enough
  • It takes a while to create the DVD

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